Fall 2013

Met a girl last night.  Every sentence she uttered was like an affirmation of my theory that I’m just lacking in cool points…all day.

You know those days where you kinda feel on top of the world?

For me, it’s when my car has been washed (within the last month), my gas indicator says I have at least 36 miles to empty, I haven’t resorted to dry shampoo yet for the week and I’ve been able recognize the staff at my gym, (but to my credit, the fitness industry does suffer from quick turnover).

So when this lovely girl hops into my car last night, she talks among the four of us, (very nonchalantly) about her impressive marathon resume.  My stomach starts to sink, but I do remind myself that I hit the YMCA 3 times during my Thanksgiving visit to KC, so it’s not complete confidence suicide…yet.

She’s a total sweetheart.  This is part of her life.

We get into the party.  She’s perfectly dressed.  As we talk about life, she clues me in about how dryer sheets don’t break down, etc.

I’ve been killing dolphins this whole time?

And as I look to my left,  a lady says, “I stopped using those, too.  I only use Downy softener.”

Wait, I sometimes use both?

After finding out she stopped using Facebook “awhile ago,” we started following each other on Instagram, to which I preface, “look, I’m not artsy.  I post a lot of boring pictures and I’m obsessed with taking the same pictures of my dog…at the same park.”

Her Instagram is filled with what Instagram is fully purposed–amazing artsy shots of beautifully lit friends in their most natural environments…you know–weekends at Burning Man.

I’ve never been to Burning Man.  I don’t have the heart to tell her that I’ve never had the desire to go.

Clearly, my attempts at self expression lie within the pages of Facebook.  FACEBOOK?!?

She’s also gluten-free, a total athlete and (of course) a former model.

But she exudes beauty from within and that’s 100 percent why I’m inspired.  She genuinely cares about the earth and others.

I may run today.  I may even eat a kale salad and drink a gallon of water.

I may even wash the dirty jeans I wore last night…and throw out my dryer sheets.