Top 10: A Girl to Girl Gift Guide

I looked at my nightstand and realized most of the things I keep at my bedside were gifted to me from some of my dearest friends!

So, I bring you my “Girl to Girl Gift Guide.

Did she get a new job, celebrate 21 (again), break up with her boyfriend, split from her husband, have a baby or move?

Need to say thank you?

Perhaps you want to thank or congratulate yourself?

Grab a “giftable”:



1. LIP BALM: It’s the Rolls Royce of lip smackers and it lasts forever.


2. CANDLE: The BEST scent TOCCA makes. Giftable in every way.


3. HAND CREAM: A large dose of shea butter is all we need. All year.


4.  GOLD AND WHITE NESTING TRAYS:  Class and function. And, who needs wrapping when they come in a perfect box?


5.  STUDS:  Converse, a t-shirt, your favorite jeans and these. No one knows they’re fake. Trust me.


6.  ROSE WATER:  Pretend you’re at the spa with this spray. It’s worth it.

Jesus Calling

7.  JESUS CALLING:  This has been given to me. Twice. I can’t live without it. And, you can be of any faith and still appreciate it!


8.  THE PERFECT POLISH:  You won’t find a classier pink. Manicure perfection.


9.  FRAGRANCE:  Eau de nothin’ but love. Just light and inexpensive.


10. STRESS RELIEF: It’s the perfect portable fix; the size of chap stick. Roll on your wrists, close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths. Ahhhh…

Be kind to yourselves and others…

Happy Gifting!


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