Great Expectations


Women think about a million things at the same time.  While the “fear of cellulite” may attack one part of our psyche, we’re also able to build ourselves up, daydream, redesign our space,  dive into red lipstick and analyze relationships in another.

Many of us find ourselves moving through life with strangers; clicking through bits of information, inspiration and visual stimuli with a desire to find something to which we can relate.

Basically, if you have ADD, you’ve come to the right place.

Caveat:  While I’ll occasionally keystroke beauty and design, I don’t blog about fashion.  I’m a gray t-shirt girl, (and a repeat offender when it comes to comfort).

Let’s get lost together, shall we?  Brew some coffee, click around and remember, cellulite is not forever, (but I have seen super models who have it and it made me feel really good).

There’s HOPE in everything, (and really, that’s just the point).


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